Members Tools

Members Tools

Activities for members have private tools.

Public tools represent the perfect place to present their activities and events and will be the focus of part of the communication and dissemination actions. Thanks to the Artists database on the same environment, the event is presented with full detailed programme and all the other audio video events specific information as none of the available web tools can do.

Private tools enable the member to manage most of the workflow to organize any activity related to the Audio Video events, from the scouting of the artists, the call for proposal, the management of the program, of the accommodation and ticket sales.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to use some services to improve knowledge-sharing and professional interchange between network partners.


Curriculum Builder
Every member organization can build his own CV with several options for images, description, links, etc.

Organizations Private Data Database
When you have to present a cooperation project or you just need the mobile phone of the director of an organization, every member can check a collection of data from the foundation year to the Statute of every other member of the network. In this way you can choose the partner better fit your needs.

Organizations Partners Manager
Easily manage your partner in all the steps of the partnership from the collection of the contacts to the monitoring of the social activities. It includes also a mass mailing tool to send in one shot from the members Gmail account, personalised messages.

Organizations Partners Social Activities Analyser
The Members can Monitor his partners Social activities in relationship to the action done on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they can manually report the activities on any other media they have (websites, magazines, offline actions, etc). The environment is able to send reports to every member partner.

Offers and Invoicing system
A simple Offers and Invoicing system build for organizations, it works from mobile too, able to make pdf and send email also with a template, enable the mambers to manage all the offers and invoice workflow wherever they are.

Members Event Pre-Launch private Calendar
The calendar of cultural activities of all current members, the deadline for submitting projects to the international Festivals of audiovisual and the dates for each festival, in order to avoid events overlap, thus producing a structured cultural proposal on international scale

Skill Share Database
The database of professionals with their individual professional skills shared from the best ones from every member.

Artists Roster
The database of artists/projects deserving greater attention due to innovation and strength of their message selected from every member.

Events Feedback Database
Shared management of the feedback gathered from the public, artists and organizers involved during all festivals, in order to consistently produce a monitoring scheme towards the improvement of potential on location and to overcome weak points of each event. An overall documentation including productions promoted by any event that is part of the network, to create an online archive accessible to the public.


  • Call for proposal Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Accommodation Manager


  • Ticketing and Sales