Oddstream Festival 2012

Oddstream Festival 2012

October, 26th 2012, 12:00 am | October, 28th 2012, 12:00 am
October 26 - 28, 2012

De Lindenberg, Nijmegen Netherlands, Valkhofpark, Nijmegen Netherlands, Nijmegen, Netherlands

The second edition of the Oddstream multimedia festival took place on October 28, 2012 and 26.27 in the Valkhofpark and the Lindenberg, in the center of Nijmegen. Oddstream presented in the park a major exhibition of interactive art installations by artists and designers from all over Europe.

In addition to the exhibits and ‘Club Oddstream’ Oddstream organized in collaboration with the Soeterbeeck program at Radboud University a series of lectures on art and science. There were also admire several multimedia performances in the Lindenberg and an educational workshop program for young people such as light photography, make light flowers, 3D printing and build their own art installation. Accompanied by a young artist discovered the world of art and technology.

With contributions from: Anke Eckardt, Bart Jansen, Bass Pronk, Byetone Coen Hoogstraten, Cristian Vogel, Dieter Vandoren, ESHU, Extrapool, Funckarma, Gaby Tjon a Tham, Jaap van den Elzen & Augusto Meyer, Jeroen van Loon, Joris Strijbos – Macular, Julien Mier, Ka: lu, Kevin Toma, Krista Wilk, Lieven van Velthoven, Mark Fell, Marnix de Nijs, Mariska de Groot & Yolanda Uriz, Nicolas Bernier, Nina Kurtela, oXane, Paul Klotz, Pete Concrete, Psyk , Reynold Reynolds, Rosmarie Weinlich, Sarah Kuipers & Suzanne van Dongen, Senking, Tina Tonagel, Tim Elferen, Them Sculptures, Urkelle.

Info: http://oddstream.nl