Membership of the network is open to organizations and institutions that operates in any way in cultural sector of Audio Video, audiovisual art, technology, science, education or entertainment, with an interest in its development.

Good reasons to join

  1. Be recognized easily from audience as institutions or entities, locally and internationally
  2. Be able to use high level IT services and tools
  3. Be visible all over the world
  4. Be able to use the AVnode quality mark
  5. Share your expertise, develop your knowledge and your contacts by attending our annual conference and our major events
  6. Be able to apply to cooperation grants (locally, european and worldwide level)

How to apply

To be member of AVnode you need the following requirements:

  1. The organization have to be compliant with the manifesto
  2. The organization have to be known by at least 2 members
  3. The organization have to fill out the membership request form, once pre-registered:
    1. Upload the requested documentation
    2. Sign the membership agreement
    3. Pay the annual fee after the AVnode membership approval (now free till may 2018)


Membership request evaluation

Members have 10 working days to ask for a commission evaluation request, if no request is submitted, the request is accepted, if a request of evaluation is submitted the commission will evaluate the request and will decide to reject or not the request of membership.

Membership agreement main rules

  1. Members have to share at least the official AVnode posts and communication strategies related to the AVnode network, platform and the members activities
  2. Due AVnode is also a quality mark, member events and activities have to maintain high standards of:
    1. Artistic quality
    2. Artists management
    3. Setup quality

    Members events that use the AVnode logo have to invite at least 1 AVnode officer to evaluate the respect of the quality standards

  3. Members have to update official data to be able to be involved in call for grants

Membership request form

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March, 6th 2017