Centras Festival

Centras Festival

Foundation year: 2002








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Kaunas, Lithuania 54.8984964, Lithuania, 54.8984964

Media Arts and Music Festival Centre continues its tradition. We strive to go beyond established frontiers of new technology options, the art of connecting with the sight, sound – just media. Offers visitors a retreat from everyday life, the brain is sometimes bukinančios and lydančių pop culture and immerse yourself in society have not been affected artists.
The festival was born in 2002, the Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaunas M. Zilinskas Gallery) observed the opposite to Lithuanian music scene makers are increasingly began to be used not only sound, but also the image. Since then, the Festival Centre and continue to acquaint visitors with information technology as a creative means of encouraging artists to explore new ways to make art in a modern and attractive technology are affected by the public. Festival participants unlikely to present requirements such as experience, age limit, or a way of expression, we focus on the Creator’s ideas and efforts in implementing them. Every year growing media arts and music festival proves that such creative people in Lithuania are legion, and Kaunas, Lithuania has always distinguished himself as a technology center, to attract such people.
Media arts and music festival center – is a creative demonstration of innovative presentation, meeting artists in one location and good atmosphere place for you.