Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals

Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals

Foundation year: 2013



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Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals (CC4AV) provides workshops and audiovisual performances.
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Creative coding is a new field that combines art, design and technology. The central part of this term is “coding”. To become a creative coder, you do need to know how to write code and know some things about programming in general. Another part (the “creative” one) contains all the other things that can be combined with coding – visual and sound composition, math and more.

Live audio and visuals is an interpretation of audiovisual performance, which usually involves artists who play their audiovisual material in real-time. In the context of Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals to become a live performer, you do need to have skills in creative coding and live performance, which means that you have to be engaged to the environment that allows you to manipulate with your created applications in real-time.
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We are inviting visual and sound artists, designers, creative coders, experienced performers of AV/VJ scene as well as beginners and interested people to participate in workshops related to
the theme Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals. We believe it is a good way to improve one’s skills and understanding about creating works in a form of audiovisual performance.