Oddstream Festival

Oddstream Festival

Foundation year: 2011







Member activities

Lindenbergzaal, Nijmegen Netherlands, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Oddstream focuses on the production, distribution and exhibition of art that borders on and incorporates technology and design. We don’t distinguish between artists, engineers, designers and users, as they all create the experience, they are all makers. Oddstream aims to let a broad audience interact with new forms of art to surprise and inspire them. We focus on art that deals with technological and innovative developments in society.

Our main activities are distinguishable in the ongoing Oddstream Studio and the biannual Oddstream Festival. Oddstream Studio facilitates co-productions with artists and designers to create new and commissioned work for festivals, events, and business presentations like openings and anniversaries. Work created for the Oddstream Festival and other events is promoted by us, and regularly appears at other exhibitions and festivals in the Netherlands and abroad.

Oddstream Festival promotes collaboration between artists and cultural organizations at a local, national and international level. At the first edition of the festival in 2011, which included a large music program, over 100 artists and performers from more than 30 countries participated, and attracted 4,000 visitors. The second edition omitted the music program and focused on the art. It attracted 2,500 visitors, but brought even more people in contact with art by exhibiting a number of works in a park and other public locations in Nijmegen. The third edition in 2014 attracted 4,000 visitors and exhibited sixteen art works.