Rom – Riders on the Mall

Rom – Riders on the Mall

Foundation year: 2016


Member activities

Muszi, Budapest Hungary, Budapest, Hungary

Riders on the Mall (ROM) is a unique gathering of audiovisual jockeys, ranging from virgin riders to experienced charioteers and experts in New Media Art.
ROM deliberately puts emphasis on visuality within the current art scene, scanning the audiovisual landscape in Hungary and abroad for fresh threads, merging it into a panorama of what-comes-next.

ROM will enter its first edition in May 2016 as a project by MÜSZI.
ROM#1 line up will consist of an exhibition with focus on art & tech installations, workshops, a VJ’amboree, audiovisual live acts, and thematical presentations and discussions. We welcome people from all walks of life, especially youngsters who want to look beyond their comfort zone, experiment and widen their vocabulary of contemporary visual culture.

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