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Piemonte Share Festival is an annual event held in Torino-Italy, dedicated to contemporary art and culture in all its global dimensions and interconnections with the Internet and new media. Share Festival was founded in 2005 by Simona Lodi, artistic director of the event, and by Chiara Garibaldi, who supervises its general organisation. The festival is organised by the cultural association The Sharing.

Since 2007 the Festival has awarded the Shar e Pr ize, dedicated to major artistic installations. Every year an overarching theme, encapsulated in the title of the event, brings the festival alive with exhibitions, video screenings, indepth conferences, symposiums, workshops and performances.

A bit of history: From the first ground-breaking festival to today.

The first ever Share Festival in 2005, untitled Wave, marked the beginning of an ongoing exploration of the impact that globalisation and innovation technology has had on art and on contemporary society. The theme of the event focused on the cultural repercussions of the Internet and its use, and the new wave of activity in art, culture and communications.

Share Festival 2006, timed to coincide with the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games, was held on occasion of the Paralympics and explored the topic of crossing the ultimate limit to become Limitless. Network communications, virtual reality, intelligent environments, open-source code and the copyright/copyleft distinction are all technological and legal arrangements designed to overcome the limits of space-time, the limits of the physical, the limits of the body, and the limits of the digital divide.

The year 2007 saw the launch of the Share Prize, an international award dedicated to major art installations, which focused on the theme of Digital Affinity/Communities Now—a way of being and of living, a collective project bringing together millions of people, united by cultural, ideological and political affinities.

In 2008, the year Turin celebrated its nomination as the first World Design Capital, the science-fiction writer and journalist Bruce Sterling was invited to be guest curator of the Share Festival, exploring the theme of ManufacTURINg.

The sweeping theme of Share Festival 2009 was Market F orces, focused on the marketplace as a privileged battleground for any idea or product, where problematics concerning chaos and value, meaning and randomness, politics and economics come to a head.

The VI Share Festival, Smart Mistakes 2010 met with great success and acclaim, exploring the unique creative potential of errors. Error represents the uncovering of an issue that demands attention, which in turn elicits controversy, while it is controversy that generates solutions and innovation.

The VII Piemonte Share Festival 2011, directed as customary by Simona Lodi and Chiara Garibaldi, is dedicated to the poetical and political controversies of contemporary practices. This year’s Festival’s pop title, Cops & Robbers, once again underscores the desecrating and provocative approach of Italy’s most important festival dedicated to the digital
world and its relationship with, and influence on, art and culture.

Cops and robbers, the innocent and the guilty, legalitarians and subversives, law-abiding citizens and revolutionaries.
The impression is that there is always somebody stealing something and somebody else chasing them down, but the good guys today are often on the wrong side of the law. It is a fine line that separates the legal and the illegal when it comes to freedom of speech, news leaks, activism, copyleft, activism, appropriationism and interventionism.

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