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Toolkit Festival

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Venice Italy, Venice, Italy

The Toolkit Festival is a project created by artist Martin Romeo which is dedicated to interactive art and its capacities of exploration, research and experimentation through the use of technology and its relationship with the audience. Since its first edition (Venice, 2011), the festival proposed a detailed mapping of the most contemporary researches in the interactive art field, presenting artists working with electronics and computer software. Over a short period of time it attracted attention and success in the local and national artistic community, involving numerous Venetian institutions, as well as professionals in the field of New Media Art, being one of the pioneers on the Italian scene.

The festival proposes three days of interactive exhibitions and performances in which the audience becomes the protagonist of the work. The peculiarity of Martin Romeo’s idea is that the Festival is not simply made up of lifeless exhibitions but puts the observer in an active role through the physical interaction with the piece of art and the spaces that host it. During the performances the audience is involved in first person and is invited to actively participate in the creation of the artwork.

The name Toolkit, which literarily means “kit of tools”, is used as a reference to the tools used by the artists working with interactive arts. One of the main goals is to renew the concept of festival, traditionally centred around the idea of fun, music and entertainment. Contrarily, the intent of the festival is to explore the impact and the consequences of the digital technology on our society.

Great importance is attributed to the didactic aspects of the festival through workshops and talks held by several artists and experts of the field.

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