Association Le Cicale dell’Arconte

Association Le Cicale dell’Arconte

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The Association “Le Cicale dell’Arconte” has been active since March 2010, It was created thanks to the initiative of a group of young creative people from various artistic backgrounds such as theatre, visual arts and music. The six members who constitute the association are all under thirty years of age and have a common objective: favoring the growth of new talent from various artistic backgrounds and giving more space and visibility to young and innovative energy. For the realization of these objectives the Association, on the one hand, aims at providing pedagogical insight with the help of young International professionals who concentrate on the transmission of innovative methods in various artistic fields, while on the other hand, is committed to finding spaces and creating new contexts where the new generation of artists may exhibit their work and perform their artistic abilities and creativity working side by side with professional.

Member activities

December 2009

Video Sound Art is a festival created on the model of other European initiatives which favour youth creativity – Onedotzero London,…