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Our work is co-ordinated and run through the association The Sharing (founded in 2003). The brainchild of Simona Lodi and Chiara Garibaldi, Piemonte Share is a crossdisciplinary platform for the promotion of contemporary art and culture in all its creative forms. We create real opportunities—exhibitions, events, workshops, seminars, productions—for developing knowledge and creativity in digital society, and for promoting research and innovation in the visual arts, robotic art, bioart, new media art and interaction design as a critical expression of a digital, global society. Since 2003 we have developed and produced the Share Festival, the Share Prize, Action Sharing, S.M.I.R., Share Crossing, the Youth Museum and the Share Campus.

Member activities

December 2004

Piemonte Share Festival is an annual event held in Torino-Italy, dedicated to contemporary art and culture in all its global…

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August 2013

Piemonte Share is announcing a new edition of the Share Prize, the international competition designed to discover, promote and support art…