Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

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Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is public body in one of the biggest city in Turkey. Transportation projects, environment and infrastructure projets, cultural haritage projects, social projects, sport projects and culture-art projects are key activities of the municipality. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is committed to the promotion of art and artists. Our municipality will be enable to support the audiovisual performing arts with taking part in this Project. Project will promote audiovisual performing art which based on a new concept of art built on new technologies in our country and our city. Our artists will sharing their knowledge,techniques and experiences with other colleagues to develop themselves and will contribute to the development of collegues. The Project will provided to develop digital competance of local participants who will take a part in events and meetings which hosted in our city. In same time local performers and artists will have chance to meet with collegues who all arround of Europe.


June 2015

AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018 has been admitted, amongst 127 applications submitted, to the Creative Europe Culture Program for…

Member activities

January 2016

The aptitude for new artistic disciplines and the for the technology, as well as dialogue between the Municipality and the…

Member Events

May, 4th 2018, 3:00 pm | May, 6th 2018, 4:00 am
May 4 - 6, 2018

MAMA Istanbul, Istanbul Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul AV Residency 2018 #2
LPM 2015 > 2018

April, 3rd 2018, 10:00 am | April, 7th 2018, 8:00 pm
April 3 - 7, 2018

Zorlu Performing Arts Center, Istanbul Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul AV Residency 2018 #1
LPM 2015 > 2018

November, 24th 2016, 12:00 am | November, 27th 2016, 12:00 am
November 24 - 27, 2016

Istanbul Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul AV Residency 2016
LPM 2015 > 2018