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Elita company

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Elita was born in Milan in 2005 with the aim to promote networking in the cultural sector, especially in the music and new media. Elita has managed to enforce his philosophy opening itself to territory and proving to be able to value the best companies operating in the most innovative music scene in Milan, both through its institutional projects both in a number of productions cared for some of the most important brands. Over the years Elita was interested in production of events for different partners: from classics live to tour around Italy, from exhibitions to showcases, a"erparty, launch events and product releases. Elita handles the entire creative process, which starts from the idea of the concept and come up to the executive production, with special attention to innovative content, valorizing events with partners by providing their own community and credibility.

Member activities

December 2004

Nove edizioni e una continua crescita di pubblico e presenza mediatica, il Design Week Festival curato da Elita è considerato…

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April, 10th 2013, 3:00 pm | April, 11th 2013, 4:00 am
10 April, 2013

Teatro Parenti, Milan Italy, Milan, Italy

Elita Design Week Suona Francese 2013