Video mapping residency Application call

August 2015

Rencontres Audiovisuelles, DeVisu laboratory of the University of Valenciennes and Arenberg Creative Mine propose a research and thematic creation residency about video mapping.

The aim of those residencies is to experiment new forms of writing (animation) movies, spatialized and contextualized. It is also to experiment new technological devices.
It can consist in monument video mapping, inside architecture, or object video mapping.

This application call is adressed to artists that are scriptwriters, filmmakers, museographs, stage designers, animation artists, game designers, developers, sound designers, musicians, etc. from anywhere in the world.

. Residency from 2 to 4 weeks
. An exceptional setting: a former mine site part of World Heritage of UNESCO, in a natural setting, beautifully reconverted in a place dedicated to the image.
. High-performance audiovisual equipments available
. Accompaniement regarding the project and its needs : researchers, video mapping artists, animators, sound designers or musicians…
. accomodation, transport management, flat-rate for the meals, salary

The works produced in those residencies will be screened during the Video Mapping Festival, which first edition will be held in March of 2018. They will aim the general public and also international professionals.

Application call n°1
Theme: Promotion of the common heritage
Closing application date: 27th October 2017
Residency period of time: From December 2017 to March 2018

More info here.

Video mapping residency Application call